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Let’s Talk About Cultural Appropriation and How To Gather Yourself

You might have heard the term “cultural appropriation” thrown around more recently, especially during Halloween season. If you know what it is and how to avoid it, great! You’re a step ahead and you can skip ahead a bit if you wish. For the rest of us, let’s start by better understanding cultural appropriation.

How was your crash course on cultural appropriation by the awesome Amandla Stenberg? #Amandla2026

Great! Now that we have a better understanding of cultural appropriation and how to avoid it, what happens if–when we slip? What happens when we unknowingly and unintentionally appropriate another culture in this way? It’s bound to happen to all of us mainly because it’s impossible to know everything about every culture and we know that intent doesn’t change the outcome of negative appropriation. So when it happens and we find ourselves called out, we can follow the flawless example of young Kerry Washington.

Boom. Listen. Acknowledge. Apologize. Learn. Grow.

P.s. If you click the tweets and read through the conversation you can see this process play out several different times and it’s awesome. …….It’s such a Millennial thing. ;0)

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