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THE TIME IS NOW: Airfare Scheduled to Drop Big Time

Prepare your mind and wallet, because you’re gonna want to buy a flight ASAP.

Airfare is predicted to drop sharply in August and continue through the fall, according to industry researchers at Hopper.comhitting what some say will be the lowest ticket prices they’ve seen in nearly four years.

In other words, a trip that costs $629 if you leave tomorrow could cost just $206 if you depart at the end of August.


It’s normal for flight prices to drop during the August “Deal Zone,” a period starting around Aug. 20-25 when airlines often slash fares 15 to 20 percent, airfare expert Rick Seaney told USA Today. But this summer’s airfares have been cheaper than last year’s overall, as Hopper found, so 2015’s Deal Zone is looking especially hot.

For example, flying from NYC to Chicago will cost $267 roundtrip if you travel from Saturday, Aug. 1 through Wednesday, Aug. 5, according to Google Flights. But prices drop steadily throughout August, and if you take the trip from Aug. 22 through Aug. 26 — the same length of trip and the same days of the week — your roundtrip cost plummets to just $81.

Keep Reading (and start booking) over at The Huffington Post!

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