World’s First Non-white Modeling Agency is Here

Actually, it’s been here. Since May 2014, Lorde Inc, which is based in London, has been representing and advocating for the casting of models of many colors and ethnic backgrounds. In fact, besides being models, the only thing they have in common is that none of them are white. Lorde Inc, with a current roster of

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Let’s Talk About Cultural Appropriation and How To Gather Yourself

You might have heard the term “cultural appropriation” thrown around more recently, especially during Halloween season. If you know what it is and how to avoid it, great! You’re a step ahead and you can skip ahead a bit if you wish. For the rest of us, let’s start by better understanding cultural appropriation. How

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NETLIX + CHILL: Coming and Going

Nothing good lasts forever. And that goes for Netflix too. Each month Netflix dumps some items from it’s instant collection to make room for new ones. Actually I’m not really sure if that’s why they do it, but the fact remains every month some works are no longer available and some are newly available on

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Resources to Navigate Being Black & Non-Christian

One of the amazing aspects about being Black is the diversity of our community—including the diversity of religious beliefs and spiritual practices. This was highlighted in C. Imani Williams’ essay, “Beyond Christianity: Yes, Non-Religious Blacks Find Spiritual Connection Too,” published on For Harriet earlier this year. The article is a brilliant introduction into the religious

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Nubian Skin Now Available Online With Nordstrom

It just got even easier to shop for Nubian Skin in the US now that is available for purchase online with Nordstrom! Shop here! Nubian Skin specializes in lingerie and hosiery that caters to the various shades of women of color. It’s often difficult to find the perfect match, especially when traditional ideas of nude

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13 Gorgeous Liquid Lipsticks You Have to Try

Liquid lipstick has been around for a minute. I’ve been using drugstore brands for years, but was never completely satisfied with the formula. But cosmetic companies have created their own formulas that work for makeup lovers. Costs vary, but there’s something in every price point. We’ve noted all of the lipsticks that are under $10

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15 Black Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Beauty Industry

Black women operate in every facet of the beauty industry from creating makeup products to styling hair. Inspired by icons like Madame C.J. Walker, black women are revolutionizing the hair, makeup and nail industries with their entrepreneurial efforts. From Dana Hill who launched beauty box Cocotique to Lisa Price who invented Carol’s Daughter, most of our favorite

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Plus Size Spring 2015 Fashion Trends featuring ASOS, Torrid, Lane Bryant & More!

Check out this video! It’s helpful and informative if you’re planning to do some Spring shopping in the very near future.

In the comments below let us know if you saw anything new in the video you plan to try? Any styles or trends you’re already rocking? We’d love to see pics from our fav Elan +Belles!


Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion

I’m a big fan of BuzzFeed and their videos and this is one of the reasons why: