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NETLIX + CHILL: Coming and Going

Nothing good lasts forever. And that goes for Netflix too. Each month Netflix dumps some items from it’s instant collection to make room for new ones. Actually I’m not really sure if that’s why they do it, but the fact remains every month some works are no longer available and some are newly available on the platform.

This week’s list includes some recommendations  that are coming to Netflix this month and some I suggest you check out before they’re gone.


Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy (2015) – NETFLIX ORIGINAL [10/02]
Actress and comedian, Anjelah Johnson showcases her hilarious impressions to riff on European Gypsies, Vietnamese manicurists, Mexican moms, and more.

Johnson is a very funny comedian who got most of her initial buzz with the hilariously familiar Vietnamese manicurist impersonation during her standup routine. You may also recognize her as Bon Qui Qui from Burger King. She’s funny and she’s a comedian of color so I’m happy Netflix is giving her some shine with her own program as part of their original lineup.

For all of my fellow feminists out there unfamiliar with her work, let’s just say you’ll probably laugh your ass off with a twinge of guilt as Johnson’s comedy isn’t exactly….uh…conflict-free. You may have to file this one in the Guilty Pleasure/Problematic Fav category and keep it moving. I’ll let you decide.

American Horror Story: Freak Show (Season 4) [10/06]
ahshead1This twisted Emmy-winning drama plays upon the power of supernatural fears and everyday horrors, exploring humankind’s unsettling capacity for evil.

I just finished the third season of this series, Coven, and to be honest I only started it because I really wanted to see Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe–especially in these roles. Not my usual cup of tea, I’m happy I stepped out of my comfort zone for this–mostly. The Voodoo and ties to New Orleans make things a little bit more real than I need them to be.

Still it was definitely entertaining. The lone Black witch doesn’t die in the beginning and the proud white supremacist and sadist gets what’s coming to her all season long. Now that the fourth season is on Netflix, which means commercial-free streaming and next episode auto-play I’ll likely be starting it as soon as it’s live.

The Flash (Season 1) [10/06]
After a lightning strike leaves forensic expert Barry Allen in a coma for months, he wakes up to find the jolt has enabled him to move with incredible speed. Unfortunately, the incident also transformed others who are using their new skills for evil.


Now, I’m not big on superhero flicks. But then I found out Candice Patton plays Barry’s bestie and eventual love interest, Iris West, which means 1 point for a Black actress co-star and another for the interracial relationship, I had to check it out. I’m happy I did. To top it off Barry is raised by Iris’ father (Jesse L. Martin)–also Black. Bonus points because Vanessa Williams (nah uhn, the other one) was just cast as Iris’ mother.

This series is a strong one, especially if you like comic books and superheroes.


Snoop Dogg Presents The Bad Girls of Comedy (2012)[10/8]
Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg hand-picks his slate of comedy’s most outrageously talented “bad girls” in this stand-up showcase event.

The standout comedian here is without a doubt Cookie Hull. Her performance here sent me searching the net for more of Cookie and her comedy, which–much to my dismay–I did not find. So treasure this little gem. It’s perfect for a session of Netflix + Chill!

Braxton Family Values: Season 3 [10/31]
Songstress sisters, Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar Braxton open up about their lives and their relationships – and reveal a few surprises.

My best friend put me onto this one. Sort of. I can’t remember the last reality show I remember watching faithfully. I don’t even think I knew Toni and her sisters had a show. I’d heard of Tamar because of the show and seen the GIFs and tweets. Tamar is dramatic and extra and hilarious. Tamar is the baby of five sisters and she acts like it. Toni is the eldest and until recently the only superstar of the family and it shows. Towanda is smack dab in the middle of the Braxton sister lineage and is a true middle-child troll.


Their dynamic is interesting to say the least. But the fact that they’re sisters–Black sisters, raised by a Black mother, Miss Evelyn makes this different than most other reality shows I’ve seen on TV. I’m here for Braxton Family Values, probably for as long as it comes on air.

For me, the best thing to come out of bingeing BFV was discovering Tamar. The girl is talented and after I got her album I was hooked. I rediscovered my music roots so to speak and dug up my old Toni CDs at my parents’ house. My favorite part of the series? Whenever the series break out into impromptu, freestyled song–harmonies and all.

If you run out of media this weekend, check out the first Netflix + Chill list!


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