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How Creating the Right Morning Routine Can Change Your Life

Six months ago if you had told me I would willingly get out of my bed most mornings before 9 a.m., no one who knows me would’ve believed you, including me. But I’ve been out of bed every morning before 9 a.m. for the past couple of weeks and for the most part it’s been great. The morning that changed everything was the morning I cleared my to-do list, breakfast and errands by 11a–I went hiking.

I started with the goal of trying to get started early just 2-3 days each week. After the first couple of successful mornings that spawned super productive days I was hooked. I found I had extra time in the morning than I planned for, which meant extra time to do things I enjoy. Better still, it gave me time to do things I hate (like exercising) before the L.A. sun makes them even more dreadful.

The best thing that came from rising early in the morning is the routine that started to create itself. Routine makes it easier to stay organized, and on top of those pesky things that makeup adulthood. For me a routine in the morning means I go to bed with the current day’s to-do list completely checked off 90% of the time. When I’m not beating myself up for my lack of productivity for the day it improves my sleep hygiene ten-fold. Getting to sleeper quicker and sleeping better through the night makes it that much easier to get up early the next day.

Co-Founder of BestSelf, Cathrn Lavery writes about, “Why Creating A Meaningful Morning Routine Will Make You More Successful, and I have to say I agree. Lavery even gave me a few ideas I’m going to incorporate into my own morning routine. The key is to remember you have you have to make sure your routine is tailord to fit your lifestyle. Perhaps use some of the listed ideas as inspiration to create your own morning routine. Check out the article for Lavery’s own morning routine.

What are three things you must do every morning or your day is thrown off?


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