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CHECK OUT: 26 Apps Created by Black Women


It can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and apps in an age of such rapid technological growth. With more computing power in the palms of our hands than ever before, Black women are using advances in coding programs and technologies to create apps catered to dating, beauty, books, networking, and more! Check out these 26 apps created by Black women, and while you’re at it, download the For Harriet app for iPhone or Android.

  1. Myavana by co-founders Candace Mitchell, Jessica Watson, Chanel Martin, and Joy Boulamwini. Myavana is the first hair care recommendation system for women of color and provides hair analysis, products, and styling techniques catered to specific hair types and textures.
  2. Bill Organizer-Manage & Track Your Bills by co-founders Nnanna Obuba and Chidi Oparah. Bill organizer is a go-to app for managing and tracking bills. With the ability to sync on multiple devices, it’s more than convenient for anyone trying to budget.
  3. Black History Milestones by co-founders Nnanna Obuba and Chidi Oparah. How well do you know your Black history? This app wants to test it through educational and inspirational facts from the past.
  4. Matatu contribution by Terry Karungi. Matatu brings a two-player Ugandan card game straight to your phone. Karungi was also the only woman to work on the team that created the mobile app.
  5. Iman Cosmetics by Iman. It can be so difficult to find makeup that matches your skin and undertones. This Iman Cosmetics app solves that with Customized product recommendations to match your complexion and style.
  6. Thurst by Morgen Bromell. Thurst is the first app created for queer people of all genders with a goal to create an inclusive and mindful of the community’s specific needs.
  7. Didyoudangle by Mari Mergerson. Parents can manage their children’s tasks and chores and assign rewards all in one place with Dangle. Look out for Dangle when it launches early fall!
  8. dumpdapp by Fatima. Dumpd wants to be the first place to connect with others struggling with similar relationship problems. You won’t have to explain another breakup to someone that doesn’t understand again.

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