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7 Trendy Fashion Tips for Petite Women

Being petite has its advantages, but when it comes to dressing up you really don’t want to wear something that makes you look shorter!

As a petite lady, there are a few important fashion tips for your stature;

1. Embrace Monochromes

Wearing clothing with a single color. Wearing a single color clothing from head to toe creates an elongated figure. Too many colors and patterns make you look short and blocked.


2. Heels are your friend

Whether you want to add just a bit or a lot to your height, heeled shoes are the answers to your desires so you should embrace them. If you can’t walk in pin heels, go for wedges.

3. High waist clothing

High waist pant, skirt, short or dresses create the illusion of longer legs and thus a more elongated figure.

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