In an amazing video posted to YouTube, hairstylists and makeup artists recreate the most popular beauty trends for each decade, 1910 to 2010, for both black and white women. Witness the evolution below.

After the viral success of their video featuring a white model sporting 100 years of hairstyles, creators at Cutdecided to recreate the video with a black model. Editing the two side by side, audiences can see how both cultures progressed throughout history, according to the fashion.

Rihanna’s Latest Fashion Ad Is a Major Milestone for Black Women Everywhere

In an industry that’s long battled concerns about diversity, Rihanna’s new ad campaign could represent a move towards the right direction. Women’s Wear Daily reported in March that the Palace of Versailles would be the setting of Rihanna’s Dior shoot, as part of the brand’s “Secret Garden” video series. Now that spring has sprung, so have

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15 Black Women Fashion Designers to Celebrate

The fashion industry has always been full of rich and creative contributions from talented black female designers. With unique, imaginative designs inspired by their cultural backgrounds, black women are making their marks in the fashion industry one step at a time. Here are 15 designers throughout history that you need to know. 1. Elizabeth Keckley

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15 Black Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The Beauty Industry

Black women operate in every facet of the beauty industry from creating makeup products to styling hair. Inspired by icons like Madame C.J. Walker, black women are revolutionizing the hair, makeup and nail industries with their entrepreneurial efforts. From Dana Hill who launched beauty box Cocotique to Lisa Price who invented Carol’s Daughter, most of our favorite

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30 Of The Most Powerful Black Women In Fashion That You Should Know

The fashion industry’s struggle with diversity has been well-documented, from the glaring omission of black models on the runway to the relatively small number of black women designers even presenting at Fashion Week. In the face of discrimination and a startling lack of representation, these 30 women  work to champion diversity and bring color to every facet of

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15 Black Women Who Have Redefined Fashion

  Click the pic above to view the slideshow!

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Plus Size Spring 2015 Fashion Trends featuring ASOS, Torrid, Lane Bryant & More!

Check out this video! It’s helpful and informative if you’re planning to do some Spring shopping in the very near future.

In the comments below let us know if you saw anything new in the video you plan to try? Any styles or trends you’re already rocking? We’d love to see pics from our fav Elan +Belles!


AfroPunk Presents A History of Black Fashion with ‘Black Fashion…Through the Ages’

AfroPunk is another fav of mine. If you’re ever in need of creative Black Excellence–from music to fashion, AfroFuturism to Black History–AfroPunk is a sure bet and a great first stop. Watch Meron B. & B. Hawk send you on a Fashion, Hair & Makeup Time warp starting from the mid-1950s and ending to their

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NEXT WEEK: Elan Debuts New Spring Merchandise! [PHOTOS]

Check out a few of the pieces that will be arriving next week. Contact us today for any pre-orders.

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Black Women Try “Nude” Fashion

I’m a big fan of BuzzFeed and their videos and this is one of the reasons why:


Grab A Pen, Save These Dates: Elan’s Pop-Up Shopping Schedule for July 2015 is Here!

Even though you can shop Elan of Eulalia in person anytime by appointment, we know many of you like to visit us at events and when we’re in your neck of the woods. Summer time is here, which means Elan of Eulalia is going on tour!–sort of. Check below for our current schedule of pop-up

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Applique to Trompe l’Oeil: A Brief Fashion & Style Lexicon

Tell me you already know what Trompe l’Oeil means and I’ll give you 20 Monopoly dollars right now! I like to think of my self as smart–well-educated, intelligent, bright. I read the dictionary for fun as a kid for crying out loud. My vocabulary on fleek. Fashion seems to be in my blood. I tried

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